Workshop Wrap-up

What did we learn

  • CAST Imaging can support Application Refactoring and Modernization by providing in a few clicks visibility on the system architecture.

  • Technical documentation based on the actual application source code can be created, saved, updated and shared through interactive graphs and custom comments and tags.

  • CAST Imaging helps understand which source code components need to be investigated/changed as part of the transformation tasks and which call paths will need to be tested.

  • CAST Imaging allows to create custom views of the existing/future application architecture using Custom Aggregations and vizualize the adherence with other parts of the application .

  • CAST Imaging proposes several extraction formats (images, metadata into CSV, Excel, JSON).

Going Further


Download our Practical guide to Application Modernization and learn more about:

  • The five approaches to application modernization & transformation
  • The most common Analysis and Action motions used during application refactoring
  • Accelerating the common refactoring motions by applying Software Intelligence

Watch the recording with Practical strategies and guidance to modernize Monoliths.


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Optional Modules

Continue your journey through modernization use cases on/to AWS utilizing CAST Imaging capabilities: