How CAST Imaging works

CAST Imaging is a browser based application providing graphic vizualization of application source code metadata. CAST Imaging engine generates the source code metadata by reverse-engineering front-end, middleware, and back-end code, which is then processed in a Neo4j graph database.

CAST Imaging provides powerful navigation of application inner structure and the source code components, precise analysis of the technical objects and their adherences. CAST Imaging features also allow to enrich this technical knowledge base with custom documentation and share among application team members to support easier collaboration.

How Imaging Works

This workshop will cover the consumption of CAST Imaging dashboard through practical exercises utilizing existing applications and highlighting the benefits of CAST insights in Application Modernization context. This workshop will not cover the production of CAST Imaging dashboard involving the reverse-engineering of the application source code.

CAST Imaging benefits are multiple along the application lifecycle

Safer and faster modernization through rapid understanding of the as-is structure and confident design of the to-be architecture.

Less time spent making changes through quick estimation of the effort and impacts, and easier collaboration easily with team-mates working anywhere.

Faster onboarding of newcomers through accelerated understanding of code components dependencies with less reliance on SMEs.

How Imaging Works