Workshop First Steps

The most common motions taking place in application modernization and refactoring fall under the following categories:

  1. Review the “as-is” architecture – Discovery of the existing application design to identify the possible hurdles, clarify the feasibility and complexity of modernization scenarios.

  2. Plan the “go-to” architecture – A new architecture should be defined explicitly enough that developers can follow along, and architects can check compliance of implementation. This step can imply different tasks:

    • Rewrite or add a component for technical or functional reasons – expose the component, reduce vulnerability, update a business rule…
    • Integrate a new framework and leverage Cloud Native services often by replacing your custom code.
    • Decouple a community of components and identify microservice candidates or better separation of concerns among business features.

Following this path, after going through a prerequisite course, you will first learn how to discover the inner structure of an application with CAST Imaging and extract valuable insights needed to go further in the modernization scenarios.